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Free The tool offers a private environment to view confidential media files.
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Your Secretorial - Keep It Private is a file protection tool that offers a private environment to view confidential media files. The program uploads your personal photos, videos, and audio files and allows you to preview them in private, conveniently protected by a password you are free to determine.

When you first launch the application, you are asked to enter and confirm the protection password. In order not to experience the unwanted situation of not being able to reopen the program because you forgot the right combination of keys, the tool provides you with a backup solution - namely, you are required to insert a code word that will help you recover the forgotten password. Yet, you can change the initial password at any moment simply by retyping the old password and replacing it with a new key combination. Then, you just need to import the files you wish to keep private by adding them to the corresponding photo, video, and audio sections. Once they are uploaded, you have the ability to view your photos and, respectively, play back the uploaded video and audio files within the application, undisclosed to other users.

That's basically what the program can do. However, I personally expected that the program would delete the selected files from their original computer storage location and preserve them exclusively within the application. It seems that it doesn't work that way, as the files are still present at their original location after the uploading operation. Yet, if you remove them manually, you can still preview them with Your Secretorial - Keep It Private.

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Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Allows you to preview confidential media files in a private environment
  • Uploads files into file type-based sections
  • Backup solution to retrieve forgotten password


  • Doesn't remove the files automatically from their original storage location
  • Can't upload entire folders of files, as only import of individual files is supported



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