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It demonstrates calculations for geometrical shapes.
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Your Geometry Tutor is a simple educational program designed by Education Terra for students and teachers. This utility provides you with various calculation demonstrations for geometrical shapes, like spheres, circles, squares or cubes. You can use this application whenever you're having trouble completing your geometry homework or to show your students how to solve a task.

On the upper-right side of the main window you'll see 4 buttons (2D, 3D, a square, and a circle). Suppose you need to determine the volume of a cube: you need to click on the 3D and square buttons, enter the proper side or area values, and the program will immediately offer you the accurate result you need.

The application can also be considered a great source of geometry formulas. For example, it teaches you that the volume of a cube can be calculated by multiplying the side values three times.

My only issue with this educational program is that it demonstrates calculations only for four geometrical shapes (circle, sphere, square, and cube). Other geometrical shapes, like triangle, octagon or rectangle aren't supported. Hopefully, the developers will include these shapes in future releases.

However, the application might prove to be of good use to both students and teachers. Plus, it's free of charge. So, I'd say it's worth giving it a try on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers you accurate results
  • Fast processing speed
  • Free of charge


  • Demonstrates calculations only for four geometrical shapes (circle, sphere, square, and cube)
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