50 States and Capitals

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50 States and Capitals is an educational application for kids.
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50 States and Capitals is an educational application that will help kids learn the names of the 50 states of the United States of America and all their capitals. The application includes a very colorful map showing all the states with a different color and when you hover the mouse on any of them, you can also see the capital and the corresponding flag.

The application also includes a sort of game that can help kids test what they have learned. You can test your knowledge of capitals or states. If you choose Capitals, the game will tell a name of a Capital and you have to mark the State to which it belongs. And if you choose States, you have to mark the state which has that name. If you don't know the answer, you can press the Hint button, and you will be shown the correct answer. Sadly, there's no score, so you won't know the number of incorrect and correct answers. The application also lacks sounds and music.

Briefly, if you are looking for a nice and simple application to help your kids learn the states and capitals of the United States, 50 States and Capitals may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice and attractive
  • Includes two games
  • Free


  • Neither sounds nor music
  • No scores
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