Yexi 1.04

Tactical spaceship combat simulation game
1.04 (See all)
D'Carlos & Covett Comunicacao

Yexi is a real-time tactical simulator which allows the players to take command of powerful starships in a naval-style combat game set in outer space.
Issue orders to your crew, request reports, or take direct control of the bridge stations. In the multiplayer mode, team up with your friends to save the fate of the galaxy in six unique scenarios.
What's new in this version:
If you purchased the previous version of Yexi, you may download it free from our online store by following the re-download instructions on your order receipt. This new version eliminates a few bugs and has minor graphical enhancements and features added. The performance of many automonous operations (A.I.) has been greatly improved. Hot-keys for direct access to the autopilot modes and activation. A nine-level single-player campaign has been added...

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