Xingtone Ringtone Maker 4.2

Make your own ringtones from your favorite audio and send them to your phone.
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4.2.17 See all
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Make your own real music true tone ringtones from your favorite audio files and send them to your phone wirelessly over the air without cables or Bluetooth. It supports major US and Canadian carriers. Choose any audio file from your CDs or digital audio, take clips from movies, soundtracks--even record your baby or the family dog. Select the section of the track you want, adjust the volume, fade in and out, preview it and get it just right. XRM moves it to your phone, wirelessly over-the-air via text message. There's no cables to connect, no Bluetooth settings to hassle with. XRM lets you make all the ringtones you want. Have a different tone for every caller, change tones every week, the possibilities are limitless.
Version 4.2.17 supports several Verizon phones.



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