CamCamX 2.0

Create video mixes from multiple sources.
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Record and capture live feeds from webcams and combine them with other media elements. Develop custom mixes and add various effects, control the input processing, virtualize iSight media content, etc. The utility saves the output files in Quicktime-compatible formats.

CamCamX is a 6x2 video mixer for live performance or webcasting which works with your Mac's built-in camera (or other QuickTime-compatible video input), movies, and still picture files. CamCamX also virtualizes the iSight camera (or 3rd party webcam) in your Mac so you can use all your favorite camera applications at the same time. Until now, you could only run one iSight (webcam) application at a time. Now all your camera applications can be open and functional at the same time. Works with Stickam, Mogulus, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, PhotoBooth, and more... CamCamX also provides iSight-compatible emulation for your non-Apple 3rd party webcam or DV camera input. Now gain maximum compatibility with your Creative or Logitech webcam. CamCamX features a Core Image input plug-in, allowing you to use the video mix in any Quartz Composer or Core Image enabled application. 100% OS X 10.4 Tiger, OS X 10.5 Leopard, and OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible.

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