World of Goo

A puzzle game with advanced physics-based mechanics.
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Use complex physics to create large structures using balls of goo. Complete five general chapters, each containing several levels providing a plethora of challenges and obstacles to overcome and avoid using custom structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues.

World of Goo is a puzzle game based on physics. In this respect, your task is to create different structures, such as bridges and towers, out of goo balls, with the objective of helping these balls overcome obstacles and get to a given point, usually a sucking pipe.

The game has five chapters with various levels each. The types of obstacles include chasms, windmills, cliffs and hills. Likewise, as you progress in the game, the difficulty level increases and new kinds of goo balls appear. In all cases, you need to make mental calculations to make your structures challenge gravity successfully. Likewise, there is a great deal of ingenuity involved in solving the problems presented. In this regard, there is an excellent physics-based simulation engine running “under the hood”.

One important thing is to use available goo balls efficiently. Thus, you should try to build your structures with as few balls as possible so that you can help more of them get to the sucking pipe. Saving lots of goo balls becomes especially useful when you reach the bonus chapter, called World of Goo Corporation. This time the purpose is to use the collected balls to construct the highest tower possible. It is good to know that your results can be shared to compete against other players around the world. more

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  • Excellent physics engine
  • Varied chapters with increasing difficulty levels
  • Possible to compete against other players
  • Funny and original story
  • Original and nice graphics
  • Excellent soundtrack


  • Some control issues affecting accuracy

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A funny and joyful game of tiny creatures: Goos. These little black balls are able to charm almost everyone. I truly like it.

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It's awesome, awesome and awesome. The funny Goo balls just can't help but be saved. I've passed it through several times and enjoyed it each time.

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A very interesting and original game with great animations and funny Goo Balls. I enjoyed playing it a lot.

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