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Free Connects through a VPN based on the WireGuard protocol.
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WireGuard is a tiny application that allows connecting through a VPN based on the WireGuard protocol. It is quite unobtrusive as it runs from the Menu Bar, so you can perform most of the operations, like switching tunnels, directly from its menu there.

There is not much to say about the application as such, since most of its advantages and disadvantages are derived from the VPN protocol used. In this respect, most expert opinions coincide on its being the fastest and most reliable of all available protocols. It is also very light and uses a little amount of system resources, with a direct impact on a longer battery life. Similarly, WireGuard exchanges very simple public keys, which is a quite robust and expedite way to deploy a VPN. Besides, the protocol is considered to use updated encryption technologies, including the Noise protocol framework, ChaCha20, Curve25519, BLAKE2s, SipHash24 and HKDF.

In spite of its strengths, there are a few privacy concerns. These are related to WireGuard storing user IP addresses on the VPN indeterminately and not assigning dynamic IP addresses. Still, it is possible to avoid them by other means. Unfortunately, the application supports configuring a single on-demand profile, which means you need to switch tunnels manually every time you move to a different location.

All in all, WireGuard is recommended to preserve your privacy and data security by creating an encrypted virtual network connection between your machine and the Internet servers. This way, you can navigate the web anonymously and avoid being tracked by some sites. The WireGuard protocol is very advanced and still under development, so it deserves a lot of attention. Finally, the application can be downloaded from the Mac App Store at no cost.

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  • Unobtrusive: runs from the Menu Bar
  • Allows managing and importing tunnel configurations
  • Based on a fast and very modern protocol
  • Uses very little amount of system resources


  • Privacy concerns: user IPs stored indeterminately and no dynamic IP addresses assigned
  • Does not allow configuring multiple on-demand profiles


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