WIAP Password Manager

WIAP Password Manager 2.0

Easy to use password management with the highest level of security.
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Most people do not even realize there is a product like W.I.A.P. out there. We each have dozens of websites with logins that we have to manage everyday, and everyday it seems as if there is one more we have to add to that collection. From Facebook to Amazon, and online banking to online bill payments - it never ends.
Never worry about remembering another login and password for a website again. Our W.I.A.P. Password Manager software allows you to safely store all of your usernames and passwords in one central location. We exceed industry standard security to fully protect your critical login and passwords - something we take very seriously, as you do.
Now instead of keeping up with possibly hundreds of passwords for multiple websites, with W.I.A.P. you only have to keep up with one password!
We can't describe how easy and secure W.I.A.P. is more than trying it for yourself. Download our Password Manager and experience it! For personal and business use! Give it a try! Advanced & Secure Encryption 256 & 448 bit. Add usernames, passwords, websites, and more! Instant search generator for passwords while typing. You can even launch the website logins with one click! Instantly clears your usage in the software on completion! Generate strong passwords if you don't want to make your own! Supports multiple users. Perfect for families and multi-use computers.

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