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Collect, organize, and update weather data.
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Manage weather data from multiple sources to create detailed databases, forecasts, etc. Access materials from hardware-based weather stations such as Davis Vantage, Vue, Monitors/Wizards, LaCrosse WS23xx and Oregon Scientific WMR 928/968, etc. Share data via a web browser.

WeatherCat is weather station software for Mac computers. WeatherCat is designed to work with hardware-based weather stations; as of this time, the following stations are supported: Davis Vantage, Vue, Envoy, Monitor and Wizard stations. WeatherCat also supports the WeatherLinkIP data-logger. La Crosse WS23xx range of stations. Oregon Scientific WMR 928/968 and WMR200 stations. Fine Offset WH1080/2080/3080 stations WeatherHawk stations equipped with an IP server module. Instromet Metplus stations
As data is gathered and stored in its database, WeatherCat allows you to view weather statistics such as the lowest temperature, or the highest wind speed over any time period stored in the database. In addition, WeatherCat can generate and upload simple Web pages which offer quick 'canned' solution to get your weather data on-line as quickly as possible, as well as template-driven 'custom' Web pages that can contain current conditions, graphs, gauges, statistics, webcam images, and time-lapse movies; these Web pages can be uploaded to your server by WeatherCat for display via a Web browser anywhere in the world. A live list of all possible 'tags' that can be used in your templates is available here.
WeatherCat can also send your weather data to the Weather Underground (Wunderground), the Citizens Weather Observer Program (C.W.O.P.), the Met-Office WOW program, PWSWeather, WeatherBug, OpenWeatherMap and WeatherCloud. In addition is provides close to real time Custom C.G.I. upload to a web-server for your own web-based applications along with the ability to send your data to a MySQL database opening up a world of applications in charting and analysis.
WeatherCat monitors the weather and can run a set of pre-defined and user-programmed alerts that can trigger emails and/or run scripts should an alert trigger; for example, to switch on your sprinklers, heating, or cooling. In addition WeatherCat can integrate with other systems via its AppleScript interface.
WeatherCat is designed to run 24/7/365 and doesn't normally require user interaction or maintenance. Important events are notified via email. For example, WeatherCat may detect a problem uploading weather data to Wunderground. It will typically be able to resolve the issue, but if it can't, will send you an email.

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