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Washing Machine

Washing Machine makes it easy to get rid of the junk that
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Washing Machine makes it easy to get rid of the junk thatWashing Machine is a security and privacy app for the Mac. It allows you to scan for files that compromise your privacy and the overall security of your Mac and then delete them. As a bonus, you save a lot of hard drive space when those files aren't present in your system any more. Washing Machine scans for files that are kept by your web browsers. These files might contain sensitive information about what sites you visit, saved passwords and usernames, shopping habits, etc. It is often recommended to delete those files regularly just in case someone breaks into your computer and gains access to them.

Washing Machine can find and delete bookmarks, browser caches, cookies, download histories and browsing histories.

There are two features that make Washing Machine an ideal app for this task. The first one is scheduling, which allows you to carry out scanning and cleaning tasks while you are not on the computer, or, well, automatically, regardless of whether you are on the computer or not. The second feature deals with secure deletion of files. Basically, this means that the application will delete files in a way that they won't be recoverable using data forensics software.

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