Vortex Zoom Encoder 1.0

It converts 4-channel Zoom H2 recordings to 3 popular and practical surround sound formats.
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Immersive Media Research
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Vortex Zoom Encoder runs on Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista. The program operates in full-featured mode for 30 days and then reverts to a handy, FREE player for Zoom H2 surround files, allowing you to hear your four-channel recordings through four speakers. (Four-channel setup required.) You can then unlock and restore DTS, Binaural, and 5.1 WAV encoding for $29.95
The Vortex Zoom Encoder provides a fast, easy way for Zoom H2 owners to convert the H2's unique four-channel recordings to three standard file formats: DTS 5.1; binaural stereo; and six-channel, interleaved WAV. This provides the missing link in allowing Zoom's customers to share their work with the world.
Core Technologies
The Vortex Zoom Encoder is based on Immersive Media Research's professional Vortex Surround Encoder, featuring proprietary spatializing algorithms and an officially licensed DTS 5.1 encoder. Processing involves steering the four input channels to acoustically correct positions in the standard 5.1 speaker setup. We silence the Center and LFE channels to preserve imaging and allow the listener's receiver to handle bass management.



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