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VMware Fusion 5.0

VMware Fusion 5 has been revamped to take advantage of new technologies only available in Mountain Lion...
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VMware Fusion 5 has been revamped to take advantage of new technologies only available in Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and the latest Macs to deliver a Windows on Mac experience never seen before. Available at a price of $49.99, VMware Fusion 5 comes loaded with more than 70 new features including better performance, faster graphics and an enhanced UI geared for productivity.
Switching From a PC to a Mac Made Easy VMware Fusion's migration assistant for Windows makes it a breeze to switch from a PC to a Mac.
Run Your Favorite Windows Programs Run Windows programs alongside Mac applications without rebooting.
Use specific Windows-only devices on your Mac Use Windows-only USB or Bluetooth devices on your Mac.
The Perfect Complement to Boot Camp No more choosing between Windows or Mac at startup! Run windows programs side-by-side with Mac applications.
Running Windows Programs on a Mac is easy Run Windows programs the same way you use Mac applications with seamless copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop, networking and printing that "just work". Launch and interact with Windows programs as if they were Mac applications.
Made by the Virtualization Leader VMware Fusion 5 brings the stability and reliability that can only be delivered by the leader in virtualization.
We've Got You Covered 18 months of free email support and a 12-month complimentary subscription to McAfee VirusScan Plus to protect your Windows environment.

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