VideoMagic 5.0

VideoMagic offers a complete solution for converting and editing media files.

VideoMagic is a free utility that offers a complete solution for converting and editing media files. The wide range of supported video and audio formats guarantees that any media file type, no matter how rare it may be, can be easily turned into the format compatible with your video player or portable device.

Featuring a modern and attractive interface, the application lets you import a file or an entire folder of files at once. This way, it is easy to create a list of items and convert them in batches. Once the video files are loaded, you just need to choose the output format for conversion. You aren't required to be an expert in using these kinds of tools, since the program comes with a series of profiles conveniently organized by device names. However, if you have thorough knowledge of how media converters work, you are provided with advanced settings that allow you to adjust the resolution, the bit rate, the frame rate, or the aspect ratio of a video, as well as to select the channels, the sample rate, or the audio bit rate.

If you have a bad video recording, you can mute the sound and preserve only the displayed motion. Unfortunately, you are not able to substitute the poor audio stream with a quality one from your audio library. It seems that the tool allows you to merge multiple files into one complete video. Still, this function didn't work when I tried to bind multiple files to get a single larger video. An error message kept appearing, telling me to select two or more files, although they were already selected. With this tool, adding subtitles is also supported.

In addition, the program gives you the opportunity to apply a series of editing tasks on the imported files. Namely, you can change the volume, brightness, and saturation, as well as trim and crop a video. Furthermore, the utility provides a watermark feature – you can add both text and image watermarks that are highly customizable in terms of transparency and position on the screen. The preview option is of great help. On the one hand, it displays the imported files, so that you can check whether you have imported the right videos, and on the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to see the post-editing modifications before actually saving the file. What is more, you can take snapshots of the displayed image and save them as JPEG, PNG, and BMP images.

The program is good and runs well, both as a media converter and a video editor. Except for the error that occurs when merging files, I have no complaints about this program. VideoMagic is intuitive and easy to use, and what makes it more appealing is that it comes free of charge.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Free tool
  • Intuitive and attractive interface
  • Extensive editing options
  • Supports a wide range of editing features
  • Output profiles structured by device names
  • Can take snapshots
  • Adds watermarks
  • Stable conversion process


  • An error occurs when merging multiple files
  • Can't substitute a poor audio stream with a quality one from your audio library
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