Video Editor Redux - Mosaic Cut

Video Editor Redux - Mosaic Cut 3.1

This Mac program helps you easily edit your movies.
3.1.6 (See all)

This program was created for Mac users who wish to easily and quickly edit their favorite movies. Handling this application won't require much video editing experience as the program provides you with simple-to-configure output settings and a very intuitive interface.

Video Editor Redux - Mosaic Cut works with dozens of video formats, lets you include text content in your movies, and allows you to apply visual effects. You can work with this utility whenever you need to trim, merge, crop or rotate videos on your computer, record video content using a camera connected to your Mac, and create stunning video presentations for school or work needs.

The app lets you import multiple clips into the Magnetic Timeline where you can adjust the length of the videos and arrange them in any order you like. I like the fact that the program also provides you with an option to apply the blur effect to any area within the video frame as a way to censor content.

Ultimately, you can export the final clip to a wide variety of video formats which are compatible with iOS devices, Apple programs, and many others.

In conclusion, it's worth buying this video editor for your Mac. It's very simple to use, works with many video formats, offers you dozens of clip edition options, and comes with a fair price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Straightforward interface
  • Supports many media formats
  • Lets you export the results to various video formats
  • Comes with built-in video and audio recording tools


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