VeryPDF PCL to TIFF Converter 2.0

Convert input print files to TIFF images.
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VeryPDF PCL to TIFF Converter for Mac is a powerful and useful application that can convert print files to images in Mac OS. It supports a lot of input print file formats, such as PCL, PRN, SPL, and PXL. During the conversion, you can set the image size, resolution, bit depth, color modes and compression algorithms. Moreover, it can also convert PCL to TIFF that can be directly faxed on computer. Support several print file formats When using PCL to Image Converter for Mac, you can convert different kinds of print file such as PCL, PXL, PRN, SPL, and PX3. to image formats. So if you don't have the program to open these kinds of document at hand, to convert these print file to image formats which can be opened more easily will be a good choice. You can use PCL to Image Converter for Mac to set page size in pixel for output image file. You can also customize the image resolution in horizontal and vertical directions. The application supports to create 1, 8 and 24-bit color depth image. For the output TIFF image, you can also use different compression methods to reduce the size of target file. Easy and quick batch process PCL to Image Converter for Mac has a user-friendly interface and you can easily accept and master it. It supports to make batch conversion. Just by adding batch print file into the application and set parameters for them, then you can make the batch conversion by one click easily and quickly.



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