Simple interface to A Latin Dictionary, by Lewis and Short.
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Verba is a simple interface to A Latin Dictionary, by Lewis and Short. I've often been in class and wished that I could look up the full definition to a word, but not had Internet access at the time. My only two recourses until now were WORDS (a fine program if you need parsing help, but the definitions can be lacking) or Diogenes (a fantastic program for PHI and TLG texts as well as for the LS and LSJ, but a bit slow and bulky on my computer). Finally, however, I have taken a little initiative to solve my dilemma. My coding skills (especially for Mac) are very rudimentary, yet enough to create this simply program for browsing Lewis and Short.
Verba is designed to do just that, viz., lookup words in LS, and nothing more (this is not and will never be a parser). It is lightweight and fast. I sincerely hope that it will be of some use for those who would also like blazing-speed access to this time-tested resource.
The download is fairly small (~12MB), but when extracted will require around 90MB of disk space due to the size of the dictionary.



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