VaultletSuite 2 Go 2.9

Multilingual protection for email, files, passwords, portable too.
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VaultletSuite 2 Go makes it easy for you to protect and control your e-mail, passwords and valuable portable files, wherever you and USB drive may roam. VaultletSuite 2 Go uses industrial strength Open Source 2048 bit RSA public key and 256 AES encryption and provides the following services. VaultletMail: Protect and control your spam free e-mail, along with controlling whether your messages are printed, archived, forwarded, and even how long they live before they vanish. PasswordValet: Protect your valuable account and password information with one click. VaultletFiler: Protect the valuable files that you store on your USB thumb drive with one click. DropBox: Receive secure messages from anyone, anywhere. SpecialDelivery: Send secure time and view constrained messages to anyone in the world from your VaultletMail account.
What's new in this version:
- Over 70 new enhancement and bug fixes since v2.9.3, including:
- Round-trip SpecialDelivery large attachment support
- New global keystore for SpecialDelivery senders and recipients, Enhanced SpecialDelivery viewer Applet, Desktop and Web Start Application
- Alpha SSL Webmail SpecialDelivery add-on for Firefox
- Withdrawable SpecialDelivery messages
- Many more enhancements.



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