Vade Mecum Shelf

Vade Mecum Shelf 1.4

Try a collection of 20utilities wrapped into one single app.
1.4.0 (See all)

Vade Mecum Shelf is a collection of utilities wrapped into one single app, built with Electron. The look and feel are partly inspired by the Electron API Demos app, but it makes use of a more dynamic modular approach: each utility is made of an independent, self-contained folder including all necessary files.

Vade Mecum Shelf includes 20 utilities: CIDR Calculator, Color Names, Departments of France, Digital Clock, HTTP Status Codes, IETF Language Tags, ISO Country Codes, ISO Language Codes, ISO Script Codes, Jabberwocky, JavaScript Runner, JSON Formatter, LaTeX Math Renderer, List of U.S. States, Prefectures of Japan, Roman Numerals, System Information, Text Scratchpad, Trigonometric Formulas, and Unicode Inspector.