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The USB Overdrive is a device driver for Mac OS X that handles any USB mouse.
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USB Overdrive is a device driver for USB and Bluetooth mice and other input devices. The application gives you a lot of customization options for your mice. I learned the importance of this app when I got my wireless Apple Mighty Mouse. The device looked as sexy as every other Apple product out there, but it left a lot to be desired. The problem was probably related to the system drivers. So I found that USB Overdrive worked 10 times better than the standard drivers. In that case, my problem was with scanning and scrolling speed. The pointer moved very slow. This application instantly fixed that by letting me increase the speed way more than the default driver did.

But that is not all that USB Overdrive can do, not by a long stretch. I have recently found thanks to another faulty mouse (this time by Logitech) that having this software installed on my Mac is very important. I had to change the actions that some of my mouse buttons carried out, because they got stuck. So, I went into the settings and chose to disable the scroll button altogether, and assign a new button to launch the Dashboard. It all worked flawlessly.

So this application can help you configure what the different buttons of your mouse do, and it should support any USB or Bluetooth mouse. Support for Apple's Magic Mouse is coming soon according to a statement on the developer's website.

Another great feature is the fact that you can customize what certain buttons do on certain applications. USB Overdrive will detect the active application and carry out your pre-established actions instead of system-wide actions. Just brilliant.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • It is really customizable
  • It lets you set different actions for different applications


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