Universal Checker 1.1

SCAN and indentify Universal/X86/PPC executables/libraries.
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Universal Checker helps you to SCAN and indentify Universal/X86/PPC executables/libraries.
[Why use this?]
With the technology of Rosetta, users can run universal app, i386 app and even ppc applications without knowing what they are.
To be a smart user, you may want to know what the kind of the executable/library is since:
- You may want to know what kinds the appliations on your machine are. Then you may update the ppc versions to universal versions.
This app can SCAN your disk very FAST for you and list the results for you! Just ONE click.
- sometimes, an application takes long time to load and is slow to run, it may be a ppc app on x86 machine.
- You know what? For a single applicaton, it may contain a lot of executables, and, some of them may be ppc or i386 only.
- As a developer, you may need to deliver different targets with different architectures. So, use this to make everything is right.
- What architecture the binaries in your system folder are? Honestly, some is still PPC on your Intel machine. Cannot believe that?[Special features]
- Scan! Scan! Scan! no need to use whatever slow method or any funky tool. Image you may have thousands to check...
- FAST algorithms for scan and indentifying.
- PRINT or save your whole results!


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