TweetDeck by Twitter

TweetDeck by Twitter

It helps you build custom Twitter timelines on your Mac.
TweetDeck by Twitter v3.16
22 Apr 2019
TweetDeck by Twitter v3.9
1 Apr 2015
Editorial review
TweetDeck by Twitter v3.8
22 Jul 2014
Editorial review
TweetDeck by Twitter v3.0
14 Jun 2013
TweetDeck by Twitter v2.0
10 Oct 2012
TweetDeck by Twitter v1.3
22 Mar 2012
Editorial review
TweetDeck by Twitter v0.3
22 Apr 2010

What's new

v3.9 [1 Apr 2015]
- Enhancements and small bug fixes.

v3.8 [22 Jul 2014]
- Fixes issue with empty columns after computer wakes from sleep.
- Regional + City level Trends. You can now find locally trending topics for Regions and Cities, and add a column based on the trend.
- Re-tweeting a Tweet with Emoji no longer scrambles Tweet contents
- Removing time from a scheduled tweet now removes that Tweet from the Scheduled column.
- Multiphoto improvements for large columns.

v2.0 [10 Oct 2012]
- Redesigned UI
- Improved clarity of columns and Tweets
- New option to choose the app colour - dark or light
- Ability to change font size under Settings > General
- Redesigned & improved profile panel, including profile header images
- Unfollow, Block & Report spam actions now remove tweets from all columns
- Popup windows can now be repositioned using drag handle in top-left corner
- Repeated retweets are no longer displayed in Timeline columns
- Reduced the volume of the notification sound
- Tweet actions now available on Tweets in the Add Column menu
- $Tags are now linkified
- Fixed some display issues with Growl notifications
- Plus lots of other fixes and smaller updates

v1.3 [22 Mar 2012]
ADDED: Lists button opens list management screen
ADDED: Create a new list from list management screen
ADDED: Edit list properties & membership from list management screen
ADDED: Edit list from list column settings
ADDED: Add/Remove a user to/from lists via user actions drop-down menu
ADDED: New setting to enable/disable in-line media previews
ADDED: Full-size media preview on image/URL click
ADDED: New column type: Interactions
ADDED: New column type: Activity
ADDED: More picture upload services
ADDED: “Edit & RT” retweet style
ADDED: “What’s new...” splash-screen

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