Tweak Freak

Tweak Freak 2.1

It will customize your system preferences.
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2.1 (See all)
Big, Fat, Stinking Software

Are you left unfulfilled by the meager set of preferences Apple has left you with? If so, you just might be a Tweak Freak.
Finder / Window Options...

Configure Scrollbar Arrows*
Add "Quit Finder" to Finder Menus
Enable / Disable the "Snap to Grid" animation
Enable / Disable window "Zooms"
Enable / Disable Launch Animations
Show hidden Files in the Finder
Change the Dialog Sheet Animation Delay
Backup / Restore Finder Preferences
Force Empty Trash
Dock Options...
Change Dashboard Mode between Active, Inactive or Developer.
Change the Minimize Effect*
Set placement of the Dock*
Set pinning of the Dock
Enable / Disable Translucent Icons for Hidden Applications
Enable / Disable the Launch Bounce
Enable / Disable the Dock Shadow
Enable / Disable the Expos

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