Tux Paint Config

Tux Paint Config

Tux Paint Config lets you alter the Tux Paint's (drawing app for kids) behavior.

Tux Paint Config is a graphical configuration tool that serves the Tux Paint drawing program for children. While the drawing utility targets at children between the ages of 3 and 12, the configuration utility is aimed at their parents and teachers, so that the behavior of the drawing application can be adjusted.
The two applications will be downloaded together from the source suggested by the developer, along with a documentation folder also. The configuration tool is structured on several tabs. From the "Video/Sound" tab, for example, the window size for Tux Paint can be customized, the orientation of the window can be set (landscape versus portrait view) and the sound effects can be enabled or disabled. The "Mouse/Keyboard" tab serves to choose the use of fancy cursor shapes or for the cursor to be hidden or for enabling keyboard shortcuts. The "Simplification" tab offers options such as to disable shape rotation or to disable certain buttons and tools, so that the interface and controls become simplified. Such simplification steps may be needed depending on the child's age. Language, printing, saving and data settings can also be made.
Tux Paint Config accompanies the Tux Paint open source drawing piece of software for children and it will help parents and children supervisors in customizing settings for Tux Paint, according to child's individual needs.

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  • The Tux Paint drawing utility can be configured with no need for a text-base configuration file to be manipulated
  • Useful in adjusting the drawing utility so that it matches child's individual age and needs


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