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A simulation game where you manage a space program.
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KPS (Kerbal Space Program) is a simulation game where you manage a space program. The goal is to build a spaceship that can help the Kerbals, an alien race, accomplish different kinds of missions. At first sight, the game seems extremely difficult; however, it gradually becomes easier. It requires knowledge of physics, otherwise, your rockets may end up killing the entire crew. Luckily, there is a huge community of fans, who have contributed with ready-made models you can load if the game becomes too frustrating.

Good news is that the game supports three modes. Probably, the main mode is Career, which consists in progressively advancing by completing missions. There are limited resources, like parts and money, so you will need to work your way up to the top by earning financial resources and prestige. This way, you can unblock the parts you need to advance to more complex projects.

In Science mode, there is a limitation of parts; yet, you do not need to raise money as in Career mode. Still, it is necessary to make accomplishments in order to climb the tree of science. Finally, if you choose Sandbox mode, you have limitless resources, which makes it better to experiment and unleash your creativity. Nevertheless, it is Career and Space mode which will give that sense of accomplishment that you may be expecting.

KSP has such value for education that some schools have actually used it in their physics lessons. In this respect, it combines a fruitful learning experience with fun. It stimulates learning by trial and error. In this respect, it is good that you can always go back to your project and make the necessary adjustments.

The game is developed on Unity, so it benefits from its excellent simulation engine. The graphics look realistic except for the characters, but I guess that was the intention. In this respect, although the Kerbals are likeable, they are not human and may be reborn when they die. This makes your failures less tragic.

All in all, KSP is an excellent simulation game that you would like to try if you have always been a fan of rockets. Its downside is that it is really time-consuming, so you will need to spend hours and hours to reach the feeling of achievement you have worked so hard for. Still, for some gamers, this may add to the game’s appeal.

The game is available for different platforms and devices. Unfortunately, there is no trial available for Mac, at least not of the latest version of this product.

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  • Accurate physics
  • Educational value
  • Three game modes
  • Multiple readymade models available
  • Great community


  • May get too time-consuming

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