Tune Buddy

Tune Buddy 1.85

Know what's playing instantly without switching to iTunes or Spotify.

This little utility will always show you the currently playing song in the notification tray of your Mac OS X system. Do not waste your time on switching to iTunes just to see what's currently on. You can copy the song's title into a clipboard or post it on your Facebook wall right from the sleek menu on the top of your screen.

This application will be useful for people who are listening to their music collection or radio while they are in their creative mood. You know, once you are interrupted your inspiration might leave you. No longer will this happen. You will know the title and the name of the track you are currently listening to. You can always skip and rewind right from the notification tray. If you can bear an interruption, you can share the song with your friends in social networks. Well, this is a full version of the program, in the trial version you get to see the playing track and adjust some of the preferences. The full version costs 5 dollars, but some people will find it is worth the expense.

In general, the tool can be helpful to many people, especially those who are doing things while listening to radio stations (Last.FM, for example). 5 dollars is not that much for the ability to instantly copy the song's information or tweet about it. A nice touch with rewind, pause, and forward button by the developers. Try it before you buy.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Trial version available
  • Navigation controls
  • Integration with social networks
  • Last.FM support


  • No option for a floating window
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