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Free Tribe Chase is an awesome action game.
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Tribe Chase is an awesome action game. The Tribe land or the Village of Paradise was once protected by the sacred artifacts, until one day an evil witch steals all the artifacts and takes control over the village.
She cast her evil spell on the villagers and transforms them into lifeless gold coins. Then she resurrects the evil demons to guard the gold coins and her fortress.
Four young villagers who had ventured out of their village return back to save their family and friends. Now you need to be one of the hero to save the Village of Paradise from the witch. You would be driving your cart inside the village to collect all the gold coins and get the artifacts in each level.
Collect all the gold coins and get the artifacts in each level. The mission is very tough but not impossible.
The ultimate evil action is ready to follow you, the evil punks are waiting for your arrival.
* Fuel Cans – collect 3 types of fuel can for navigating around the village

* Shields – 3 different shields with increasing capacity for your protection

* Nitro Pack - Swiftly move around the village and avoid the evil spirits

* Freeze Pack – Enable Freeze packs to freeze evil spirits

* Blaster pack – Enable blaster packs and kill evil spirits.
Collect all the artifacts and gold coins to rescue your village from the evil witch. Long live the tribes.

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