League of Legends 12.9

Free Get ready for a competitive online game that will test both your skill and mind.
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Riot Games, Inc.
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Get ready for a fast-paced competitive online game that will test both your skill and mind. Become a powerful Summoner and call forth brave Champions to fight on your behalf on the Fields of Justice. Choose from over 60 unique Champions and battle it out in 5v5 or 3v3 combat in a unique and visually stylized world. Prepare to experience the best elements of session-based games combined with persistent elements of MMORPG's. Play the game for free today!

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This game makes your brains work. It is cooperative and you feel the team. Success depends much on players and team work. Like it.

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Hey, how can you play this game? I can't understand a thing in it! Some heroes are so quick to move that I simply can't play them. Some are called 'tanks' and are totally impossible to play. When am I supposed to start a team fight? No one who I played with could explain it to me clearly. The game might be nice, but not for me, definitely.

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It is good if you have the right company to play with. Sometimes the company is critical as unskilled players may ruin the game. It is rather easy to learn to play. I enjoy playing it in the right company.

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