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TranslateIt Deluxe 14.1

Multilingual on-the-fly dictionary.
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TranslateIt! is the multilingual dictionary that allows looking up words on the fly. Just hover the pointer over an unfamiliar word (in any Cocoa Application), and you will see its translation in a pop-up window. Instantly.
TranslateIt! for Mac features: look up words in any applications by just moving the pointer over them lots of free dictionaries for a great number of languages translation from/to any language Translation Methods: translation from clipboard drag-and-drop translation manual input of queries in the main window double-click translation of words in dictionary entries displayed in the main windowSpotlight-like 'search as you type' input method searching through all installed dictionaries simultaneously printing of flash cards Words Quiz (a game for easy learning of new words) built-in DictBuilder utility for easy creation of custom dictionaries customizable dictionary display options multilingual user interfaceEnglish, German and Russian morphologyDetachable cards with translation results
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