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Free Merge tracks imported from the iTunes and Music apps.
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Track Concatenator is intended for merging iTunes or Music tracks. Moreover, it lets you organize them into chapters. The application could not be any easier to use. Its interface is composed of a single window and it has no hidden features. Unfortunately, however, its documentation is poor.

The tool has a straightforward workflow. First, it is good that it integrates perfectly with iTunes and Music apps. In this regard, you just need to select the desired tracks in one of these applications and press the Get Tracks button. However, it is a shame that you cannot add tracks directly from Finder. Luckily, the tool can read file tags and autocomplete the corresponding fields. Moreover, you can fix any errors and edit wrong data. Once the tags have been set, you can proceed to concatenate them.

The duration of the merging process depends on the kind of files. For instance, MP4 and ACC files are concatenated almost instantly as reencoding them is not necessary. Still, joining other formats or mixtures of formats may take much longer. Finally, when the processing is over, the new track is automatically added to your library.

You should be aware that Track Concatenator uses MP4v2 and FFMPEG, which means they need to be installed on your system. Fortunately, the application offers to help you install the required libraries. Still, if you try to concatenate tracks without installing them, the application freezes. more

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  • Merges iTunes tracks and organizes them into chapters
  • Can join MP4 and ACC files without reencoding
  • Integrates with iTunes and Music apps
  • Automatically add tracks to your library


  • Poor documentation
  • Cannot add tracks directly from Finder
  • Freezes if MP4v2 and FFMPEG are not installed on your system


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