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Free Removes any unwanted object from your photographs.
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TouchRetouch is mainly intended for removing unwanted objects from your photographs. Moreover, it comes with other editing features, such as Clone Stamp, Crop Tool and Color Correction. It is good that the application supports opening RAW files as well as a long list of image formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.). What is more, it can even edit 360° pictures.

Despite the powerful algorithms running “under the hood”, there is nothing complicated about using this application. Thus, to eliminate undesired objects, such as wires, strange people, scratches, spots and signs, you just need to use a series of strokes to select them with an easy-to-use brush-like selection tool and let the application do the rest for you. In this respect, in addition to the general object-removal tool, there are others especially intended for linear and spot-like objects.

Besides the removal tools just mentioned, TouchRetouch comes with other handy features. For instance, there is the Clone Stamp, which allows duplicating part of your picture on another area. Likewise, you can adjust colors in your photograph to correct any imperfection or achieve the desired effect. Also, like most similar applications, this one comes with the Crop Tool, to help you cut off the undesired borders.

It is excellent that TouchRetouch lets you compare the original with the modified picture. Besides, if the changes do not look as expected, you can easily revert them. Then, once you have attained the desired results, you can export the images in a variety of formats, together with their editing history and ready to be shared on the cloud.

All in all, TouchRetouch is highly recommended as an easy-to-use application that allows cleaning your photos from unwanted objects. Still, I must tell you it is not a full-featured photo editing suite. To mention just a few things: it does not support working with layers; neither does it come with sophisticated object-selection tools. The product exists as a standalone app as well as an extension for some popular photo-enhancement suites. There is also a mobile version. TouchRetouch can be bought from the Mac App Store at a reasonable price.

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  • Supports working with multiple formats, including 360° pictures
  • Uses powerful and accurate algorithms to remove unwanted objects
  • Easy-to-use selection tool
  • Compares original with modified photo
  • Exports to a variety of picture formats


  • Cannot work with layers
  • No sophisticated object-selection tools


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