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Question by Guest #44350114
April 14, 2017

When I want to click to open, it doesn't actually open at all.

Answer by Alex Urbach

I've downloaded the application and installed it on my PC as well. Everything worked normally and now I am able to use the browser. If you have issues with your installation, simply re-download the installer and untick any offers that might be shown when you install it and wait for the installation to finish. Afterwards, start the browser from the desktop icon.

Here is the download link:

Also, install an antivirus and scan your PC because this could be a behavior of a virus infection as well.

Andrew Constandache
Answer by Andrew Constandache

Torch is just a computer browser which features an uninstaller. You can use it either from the Start Menu or from the Add/Remove Programs. If it fails to uninstall I believe you will need to use an advanced uninstaller, something like Your Uninstaller! or Revo Uninstaller. These and some other applications feature advanced un-installation methods in case an application fails to be removed due to various reasons.

The removal procedure is easy: install one of those applications and locate the faulty application on the list, then right click it and choose to remove it. The application will detect if the uninstaller is broken and it will proceed accordingly and there you go, Torch will be uninstalled.

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