TimeBase Control Plugin 2.0

Free Create a new time base.
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Alfred N. Van Hoek
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This plug-in provides a control that enables you to set and get the timebase when you need to manipulate a movie's spatial characteristics. It is a cross-platform plugin that relies on QuickTime. As of version 2, TimeBase Control can be subclassed to MovieTimeBase. This subclass provides specific calls to the Movies Timebase, such that the spatial characteristics can be permanently changed when calling a movies specific method like 'updateResource'. There are two constructors that would provide you with a timebase. The default constructor lets you work with a TimeBase that may be of limited use, while the other constructor takes a movie object as argument, when you use the MovieTimeBase class.
There are three options: a professional license for building commercial products (60 US Dollars), an academic license for building products you cannot sell (20 US Dollars ), an amateur license to get you going (free).



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