MKextTool 1.0

A small utility that can pack, unpack and view the contents of Mkext files.

MKext Tool is an application primarily designed for developers creating and testing kernel extension files for Mac OS X. The utility can pack these extensions, reducing the size for a processor architecture, as well as unpack them. Additionally, the program can view the contents of a Mkext extension pack.

All program functions (Pack, Unpack, View Contents) are available within tabs in its layout. When packing the extensions, you should first load the Kext files on the Pack list with drag and drop actions and afterwards select a path location. The application has no built-in search function for quickly locating these types of files on your system or path presets.

With this tool you can choose one of four processor architectures for building the extension pack: i386, x86_64, ppc, ppc64. Unpacking works in a similar way (by selecting the target Mkext file, extraction location and architecture). The View Contents tab displays all kernel extension files available in a Mkext pack.

The utility integrates Darwin components, which are native to the Mac system.

Mkext Tool makes for a very reliable solution for all users interested in packing and unpacking Mac's kernel extensions. You can also use it to view all file information within a specific pack. The program works on Mac systems powered by different processor architectures which is essential for extension developers or testers.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Can pack, unpack and view extension contents
  • Builds to multiple processor architectures
  • Based on Darwin components


  • No search function available
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