Time Mysteries: Inheritance

Time Mysteries: Inheritance 2.0

Time Mysteries - Inheritance is an addictive puzzle game.
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Time Mysteries - Inheritance is a puzzle game developed by Artifex Mundi that gives you access to a wide variety of challenges and offers you a fun way to spend your spare time. You play as Vivien Ambrose, a doctor in physics, whose goal is to find the man who kidnapped her father.

You can create as many player profiles as you want, adjust the sound effects and music volumes according to your needs, toggle fullscreen or windowed mode, and much more. The graphics and animations are nicely drawn, however, it might run slow when displaying the cinematics.

Personally, I like the storyline mostly because it doesn't focus on a single period of time. You start your journey in the present and travel in distant time periods, such as Middle Ages, Renaissance, etc. On the way, your goal will be to solve various puzzles and find clues for unraveling the mystery.

Another good aspect about this game is that you can always access the integrated help guide which teaches you how to move to another location, pick up items, etc.

To conclude, Time Mysteries - Inheritance is an addictive game for Mac that offers you numerous hours of gameplay. Hence, if you're into playing puzzle games, I'd say it's definitely worth buying this app.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics and captivating storyline
  • Provides you with numerous puzzles
  • Offers you plenty of useful hints
  • Available in many languages


  • Occasionally runs slow (during cinematics)
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