Time Agent 1.0

Alternative to Time Capsule for backups.
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Everyone has experienced that moment of dread when they realise that an important file, or worse, their latest holiday snaps may have been lost or deleted. Apple realised this and created Time Machine, a fantastic, simple way to backup all of your files regularly and protect against a hard disk crash or accidental file deletion. The problem is that having to have an external hard disk plugged into your computer all the time can limit your flexibility. Apple's solution to this problem is Time Capsule. A hardware product that allows you to back up your Mac over a network. There are, however, a few problems that come with this device. Enter Time Agent. Time Agent is a software-only solution that turns any Mac into a Time Machine backup server, saving you time, money and headaches on a piece of hardware that you probably don't need. With Time Agent installed, one Mac on your network can store the backups from every other Mac. It is faster, cheaper, simpler and more expandable. Guaranteed.
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