TikZiT 2.1

Free Allows creating and editing TikZ diagrams you can insert into LaTeX.
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TikZiT is intended for editing and creating TikZ diagrams, to which you can embed mathematical formulae. It has the advantage that the graphics you create can be readily imported into the LaTeX language, very popular for scientific writing. Unfortunately, this is one of those apps that leave you wondering what to do next, so it is always a good idea to consult its quick-start guide first.

The main screen of this tool is composed of a canvas, called the graph editor, on which you draw nodes and edges. Likewise, the panel on the left is the style palette. On top, there is the toolbar, which holds three tools only: Select, Add Node and Add Edge. So, by choosing the Add Node tool, you can start drawing circle-like nodes. Luckily, you can attach text to your nodes. Next, you can pick the Add Edge tool to join your nodes with edges via drag operations.

After you have done these initial operations, you can also add labels to your nodes or bend the edges. Good to know that you can bend nodes using standard or Bezier modes. Moreover, you can customize the graph by applying styles to nodes and edges.

Once you have finished editing your graph, it is possible to generate previews of it. Similarly, you can view the code behind the image. Then, if you are satisfied, it is possible to export the image to a file or copy it to the clipboard. The app can save images as PNG, JPG and PDF; still, it does not support directly exporting it to SVG. Instead, you should save it to PDF first and then use a third-party vector graphics tool to convert it to SVG. more

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  • Allows labeling vertices
  • Parses TikZ images on the fly
  • Two node bend modes
  • Supports using styles
  • Allows multiple edges, curved edges, self-loops, and edge nodes


  • Cannot export directly to SVG



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