Super Eraser

Super Eraser 1.3

Remove unwanted objects from your favorite pictures.

Super Eraser is an image editing utility that enables you to remove unwanted objects from your favorite pictures. The application comes with easy-to-configure output settings, features an intuitive interface, and allows you to compare the resulting images with the original pictures.

This program might come in handy if you need to immediately erase certain objects like other people or watermarks from your personal photos. You can also use the app to hide various skin imperfections from your portrait pictures.

All you need to do is to import the picture you wish to edit, mark the area you need to hide or remove, and the app will immediately show you a preview of the resulting image. Unfortunately, you cannot export your edited pictures if you're using the trial version of the program. So, you can't be 100% sure that the preview screen will match the exported photos. Also, you don't know which are the supported output formats.

Another disadvantage is the fact that the app supports a few input formats. You cannot import PSD, SVG or GIF files and edit them with Super Eraser.

In my opinion, you should look for a different Mac app to remove objects from your images. There are plenty of other image editors that provide you with similar functionality but allow you to export the resulting images and offer you quality output files.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Lets you compare the resulting image with the original
  • Supports an unlimited amount of undo and redo actions
  • Provides you with easy-to-configure output settings


  • Unable to export any images while using the trial version of the app
  • Supports a small amount of input formats
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