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The Hit List 3.1

The Hit List is a very complete task management tool.
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The Hit List is a very complete task management tool. It allows you to easily add tasks to a list. Adding new tasks is as easy as pressing the return key and naming the task. Each task can be given a priority, which determines the order in which they are displayed. The priority number is also displayed next to each task. Ease of use was evidently a priority when this app was being made. Thus, the keyboard plays a big role in adding tasks and editing them. As I mentioned above, you add new tasks with the return key, you can also mark a task as complete using the space key, cancel a task using the X key, set a task to start today with the T, and so on.

The Hit List supports both tags, contexts and due dates. The tags and contexts are very useful for grouping tasks and make them easier to find using the search feature. The due date allows the application to show you when you have an upcoming task. These tasks are shown in the main window and in the Upcoming Tasks window.

This application looks awesome, it is incredibly easy to use and very complete, but it carries a rather high price. That is perhaps the only disadvantage that I can find with this application.

José Fernández
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  • iCal sync
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Complete


  • The price
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