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Free Text Encrypter is a nice solution for securely sending text over the Internet.
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Text Encrypter is a nice solution for securely sending text over the Internet. The application can encrypt your text using RC-4, OpenSSL encryption (128-bit). That is supposed to be a very secure type of encryption. The main window of the application shows two text fields, one for the source text and the other for the destination text. The source text is the text that you want to encrypt and the destination text will be your encrypted text. On the left, you can find some options. You have to enter a password for the app to be able to encrypt your text. And the longest the password, the more secure the encryption will be. There is also a drop-down menu that has two options: Encrypt and Decrypt.

After you encrypt your text, it will look all weird, with strange characters and formatting. When you want to decrypt the text, all you have to do is paste it into the source text window, and select "decrypt". You will need your password as well. The decrypted text will appear at the bottom.

In short, this is a great way of sending text on e-mails and making sure that only the person who has the password will be able to read it.

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