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Free Unblock websites, protect your privacy, and block ads.
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A VPN proxy that offers ad-block, IP and DNS changing features. Access blocked websites and services on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices. Work with both OpenVPN and Wireguard protocols, setting it apart from other VPN providers. With its robust security measures, it effectively blocks all internet threats and malware. Select between two modes - the safe-mode and ultra mode - which not only block advertisements and trackers but also unblock video streaming content for users located outside their home country.

Tegant is a VPN proxy with ad-block, IP and DNS changer. It gives you free access to blocked websites and services on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Tegant is one of the few VPN providers supporting OpenVPN and Wireguard protocols.

The utility blocks all Internet threats and malware. Additionally the safe-mode and ultra mode block all advertisements and trackers. Tegant unblocks video streaming content for Internet users outside its country of origin. Also, the tool hide your IP address and your online activities. This means nobody can track the websites you visit or find out where you are located.

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