Teacher's Assistant Lite: Track Student Behavior

Teacher's Assistant Lite: Track Student Behavior 1.0

Teacher's Assistant Lite allows teachers to keep track of student actions, behaviors, and achievements in the classroom.

Teacher's Assistant Lite allows teachers to keep track of student actions, behaviors, and achievements in the classroom. The lite version allows you to use the app with 5 students with up to 3 actions per student. Try before you buy! Video: http://bit.ly/TAPOSX
Teachers are saying:
"My paperwork has been cut down by more than half. - Yvonne in California."
"I have wanted the ability to have an anecdotal record for parent conference purposes, as well as to better reward students and send home good news."- Judy in Ohio
"This is definitely a MUST HAVE app for classroom teachers. The features of Teacher Assistant allow me to quickly document both concerns and accolades for students. I can immediately contact parents via email with the quick push of a button" - Michael in Georgia
Teacher's Assistant Lite allows teachers to keep track of student actions, behavior, infractions, and achievements in the classroom. Communicate quickly and easily with parents and your administration by documenting student classroom habits and behaviors and sending reports via email. Designed by a teacher, and used by thousands of teachers across the world. Includes PIN code security.
Enter a student's name, class period, phone number, and an email address, then add infractions/accolades either at the end of the day, or as they occur. You can customize the app to add just about anything you want. The layout was designed to be easy and efficient. Teacher's Assistant Lite collects the data you enter, and when you're ready to contact the parent or have a conference, you have all the data you need right in your hands. The app can store the name of the infraction/accolade, the date and time, where it occurred, which class period, a detailed description, what teacher action was issued (and if it was served), and whether the parent had been notified. Actions can be sent via email whether it's just one, several, or all the actions a particular student has earned. Each of the categories can be re-named to suit your individual classroom needs. You can even hide fields you don't need and add your own customized fields if you like.
Organize your students by class and easily find them quickly and easily.
✓ Email student actions to administrators and parents easily and quickly
✓ Store parent names and student contact information including a photo, phone numbers, email addresses, and more information such as student ID
✓ Add a photo to any action for more thorough documentation
✓ Use random student lists and groups for class participation (Randomizer)
✓ Filter your students by class, action, or just about anything you need
✓ Easily enter details without re-entering data more than once
✓ Edit any field name however you choose
✓ Hide fields you don't need or won't use
✓ Add your own customized fields
✓ Use colors and designate points to actions
✓ Print actions
✓ Sort by Last or First Name
✓ Add a secure PIN to open the app
✓ Personalize the home screen picture with you own photo or school picture!
✓ Delete all actions without deleting students for easy "end of term" clean-up
✓ Made by a teacher, for other teachers
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