Tank-o-Box 1.2

An exciting war game where you get to control your own tank.
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You work hard, therefore you should also play hard. This game is right for you if you are under a lot of stress: in this game, you get to destroy your enemies with your own tank, protect your base and get the highest score possible. All this excitement will help you feel better about your busy day!

You are offered to complete a level (in a boxed environment). You get to control your tank and destroy your enemy's units. Those units include the same type of tank you have and a better version, radars, and rocket launchers. The first levels are somewhat easy, but the further you go, the smarter your enemy and trickier the levels become. Besides killing you, the enemy can also destroy your base, which will bring you to the game over screen. While you are killing tanks, you can catch upgrades for your tank, like better missiles or some other advantages over your enemy.

The only downfall of this game is that it is best played with a joystick. Unless you got one attached to your computer, playing the game on the keyboard and with the mouse can be somewhat disappointing.

JW Senior editor
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  • 55 breathtaking levels
  • Ultra-heavy tanks, rocket launchers, pillboxes


  • Uncomfortable controls



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