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Circuit Defenders is a fast paced 3D Tower Defense game, where your challenge is to defend your CPU from attacking virus armies that are infiltrating your circuits via the communications port.
You have an amazing array of defense towers at your disposal ranging from Guns and Missile Launchers to Nuclear Towers and Air Strikes. Use cash from destroying the incoming hordes to purchase and upgrade towers. Range, rate and damage can be upgraded as needed to ensure you withstand the enemy onslaught which includes them firing back! - watch your health or lose a tower!
Towers auto fire against closest enemies, but can also be manually targeted by you. Towers can be sold to earn back extra cash if you are running low.
✪ Power-Ups
You start with a small selection of power-ups, and during the game, various additional power-ups will fly in and can be manually targeted by some of the towers. Click on a power-up on the top interface to activate it. They are life savers!
✪ Difficulty Levels
There are three difficulty levels in CD. Easy is easy once you get the hang of playing... that's why it's called easy! Can you survive on a harder difficulty? We dare you to try!
✪ Multiple Game Modes
Circuit Defenders features Challenge Game modes including - Limited Towers, Limited Money, Limited Time, Just shooters and of course, Unlimited Money! as well as Endless mode.
✪ Amazing built-in Circuits
Play any of the TWELVE circuits to play on, or go to the in-game user level gallery and select new levels from there to play, or use the in-game level creator to create and publish your own levels!
✪ Choose levels from the level gallery from over 900 user created levels!
✪ Global High-Scores
Play against your own local best score per level/per difficulty or submit your score on our global scores ladder to compete against other players around the world. The choice is yours!
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