TakeNotes X

TakeNotes X 1.3

notepad program with autosave
1.3.2 (See all)
Daniel Baxter

TakeNotes is a notepad program which runs in a global floating window on your desktop, allowing access and control of other running applications without hiding them if you wish to type notes into it. The program is ideal for anyone doing any kind of research (e.g. on the internet), or anything that requires note taking on their computer. The autosave feature ensures that in the event of a crash or power cut your notes will return as soon as you restart the program. TakeNotes also provides access to simple text styling tools, allowing you to change the font and size of the note, and use bold, italic and underlined text. Once your note taking is complete, you can copy and paste the contents of the note into you favourite word processor for printing or incorporation into a document.
What's new in this version:
Major speed improvements, particularly for users with a large amount of fonts installed The toolbar can now be hidden

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