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Keeping your passwords under control has gotten a whole lot better.
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Keeping your passwords under control has gotten a whole lot better.
You understand the importance of managing your passwords all too well. Sometimes you need to manage someone else's passwords too. But you also need extra precautions in the management of your sensitive data. SWORDFISH provides the control you need to use your passwords whenever you need them, without the risk of mangling them. After all, you run a very busy office and demand accountability of your resources.

Main Features:

- All passwords get stored in one place
- Can be installed on workstations and backed up to servers
- Auto-organizes passwords by System, Login ID, Password, Type, and Ownership
- Auto-hides passwords to prevent casual viewing by others
- Generates high quality, easy to remember but hard to guess passwords
- Two password generator levels for increased password complexity
- Locked entry fields to prevent accidental editing of passwords
- Additon, edition, and deletions of passwords are controlled
- Additon, edition, and deletion of passwords is logged
- Visual password age indicator in Days, Months, and Years
- Protected with a master login id and password
- Lauches the URL for website accounts
- Has unobtrusive, clean, easy to follow interface, virtually no learning curve
- Ability to import and export from/to password files
- Ability to print your passwords

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