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Offbeat weather app that tells you how to dress for outside.
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swackett is a very original weather app for the Mac. It is also available on the iPhone, iPod, iPad and there is a web app version. swackett is kind of stands for "sweater, jacket or coat?". The app is supposed to tell you which one of those you have to wear on any given day. The main window shows the forecast for today, and you can access the current conditions, tonight's forecast and tomorrow's forecast quite easily by clicking on the different panels. When you access the current conditions, or any of the other panels, you will see two drawings of people wearing different types of clothing. These are called "peeps". They are supposed to be a quick guide of how the weather is going to be and what to wear. So, for example, right now it is 49 degrees at the city that I selected, and the peeps are wearing hats, sun glasses, warm jackets and pants. But tonight, the peeps are only wearing t-shirts, because it is going to be hotter. This is a great way of making weather information easily readable for kids and pretty much every family member.

If you have swackett on another device other than your Mac, you can easily share your preferences by signing-in on the other device with the account that you created on the Mac.

All in all, this is a great weather app. It uses AccuWeather.com to retrieve weather information. It is also free from the Mac Apple Store.

José Fernández
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  • It is a nice way of easily seeing what the weather is going to be like
  • Lovely graphics


  • There were some cities I couldn't find (mostly outside the US)
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