SVNKit 1.9

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1.9.2 (See all)

SVNKit is written in Java and does not require any additional binaries or native applications. It is portable and there is no need for OS specific code. SVNKit is compatible with the latest version of Subversion.

Main features:

- Repository access over HTTP(s), svn, svn(+ssh) and file protocols.
- Working copy operations - all are supported.
- Repository administration: create, load, dump and replay operations.
- Additionally to its own API, SVNKit implements JavaHL API.
- SVNKit is reported to work on Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD, and OpenVMS.
- SVNKit does not require native binaries, it works out of the box.
- Native Subversion configuration files are used by default.
- Java Subversion command-line client is part of SVNKit.

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