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Surprise is an application that can display images after a timer runs down.
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Surprise is an application that can display images after a timer runs down. It was designed so that you can surprise another user of your computer with a variety of themes. There are ten different themes, which include pictures with phrases like "I love you", "Happy Birthday", "Let's get away", etc. You can pick the themes from a drop-down menu, and a thumbnail will let you preview the image before you start the timer. By default, the surprise will be activated after 10 seconds. You can of course change the value of the timer. When you sleep your Mac, the timer sleeps as well and it will resume when you activate your Mac. This is a nice way to set up the surprise for an unsuspecting friend or relative other.

If your Mac has a web camera, the application can take pictures with it when the surprise is activated. This can be done when the users presses a key or at intervals of 1 second or more. This is a fun way to capture the surprise on your friend's face.

In short, Surprise is a very original app to surprise your friends, but I would like it to have sounds. Also, the images never filled my screen and the effect would have been better if they did. A way to enter customizable text would also be great.

JF Senior editor
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  • Timer sleeps when you sleep your Mac
  • Many themes


  • You can't text
  • No sounds
  • The pictures don't fill the screen



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