SuperSciCalc 1.3

Powerful scientific and conversion calculator.
1.3 (See all)
Kitsune Software

SuperSciCalc is a powerful scientific and conversion calculator.
- Save time and increase your accuracy: SuperSciCalc gives you easy access to 60 built-in physical and mathematical constants, so you spend much less time is looking up their values, and less is wasted by accidently typing the wrong number
- Convert values from metric, S.I., imperial, and obscure scientific and historical units: With over a thousand different units to choose from, you´re bound to find what you need
- Keep track of your numbers: Unlike most calculators, which limit you to one or two memory slots, SuperSciCalc gives you twenty six!
- Full calculation history lets you review your work
- No-cost, risk free, 30-day trial

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